State Track Meet

​VRPA - St. Johnsbury Academy State Track Meet

July 20, 2024

at St. Johnsbury Academy 

Team / Individual Commitment Forms Due by

Friday, June 7th, 2024

Commitment Form

Team / Individual Online Registration Opens

Friday, June 31st, 2024

2024 VT State Track & Field Details

We are so excited to host our annual state track & field meet in person again this summer!

The VRPA/St. Johnsbury 2024 State Meet will take place on Saturday, July 20, 2024 at St. Johnsbury Academy.

The cost for 2024 will be:

$16 per person (VRPA Member organizations)

$18 per person (Non-member, per registered participant)

Athletes ages: The athlete's age group is determined by his/her age as of December 31, 2024. Athletes aged 7-15 on December 31, 2024 are eligible to participate in the meet this year. If the athlete was a freshman in high school during the current 2023-24 school year then they are not allowed to compete.

Invoices will be sent to each team at the conclusion of the meet once the total amount of athletes has been collected from you prior to June 7th, 2024. This commitment form helps us prepare for the amount of ribbons and shirts we need to order, and the number of athletes to expect. Please provide accurate athlete numbers to avoid extra costs associated with ribbons and t-shirt's that we order.

The top 6 athletes in each event will get a ribbon handed out at the conclusion of each event the day of the meet.

2024 REGSTRATION PACKET & Information:

Please take a look at the 2024 Registration Packet  for more details and information. 

Online Registration:

Please remember that All participants for this event MUST register online directly at Team coaches should register all their team athletes, and those entering the meet as an individual should do their own. 

 If you do not yet have an account with them, please do this now…it can take a day or two to get your account confirmed!

Follow the 4 steps below to register your athletes – this takes time!


The registration deadline is Thursday, July 20th at 11:59 PM.

1. Sign up for a free coach account (if you do not have one)

  • ·        Go to:  
  • ·        Click on 'Log In' in the upper right-hand corner, and then click 'Sign Up' on the bottom of that screen.
  • ·        Complete the signup wizard
  • ·        After receiving the confirmation email, go on to #2

2. Add meets to your season calendar

  • ·        Log In to  
  • ·        Navigate to your team home by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner to open the side menu, and then the home icon next to the appropriate team.
  • ·        Click "Add a Meet" in your calendar box
  • ·        In the search bar, enter VRPA Track & Field State Meet
  • ·        Click on the meet to expand it, and click the button to add it to your calendar

3. Enter team roster

  • ·        Open the side menu by clicking on your name.
  • ·        Click on your team and then click “Edit Athletes” from the list of links for your team.
  • ·        Add athletes to the roster manually, or upload your roster using the "Upload Athlete Roster" option

4. Register athletes for the VRPA Track & Field State Meet

  • ·        Locate VRPA Track & Field State Meet on your team's main Track & Field page and click on the meet name.
  • ·        Click "Register Athletes"
  • ·        Click on an event name, or athlete name to begin registering
  • ·        Choose the correct division to enter athlete in – Remember, the athlete's age group is determined by their age as of December 31, 2022.
  • ·        Entries will be saved automatically.

A very BIG THANK YOU to all the team coaches and volunteers that make this event possible!

2024 State Track Meet Packet & Participation Entry Form (available soon)

2024 State Track Meet Commitment Form (Google doc link)

A very special thank you also to

St. Johnsbury Academy and

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont

for choosing to be our

partner sponsors for this event.

The meet wouldn’t be the same without them.




We are also still working with committee members in other states to work toward a new Tri-State (VT, NH, ME) Track Meet in the future. If you are interested in joining our committee to help make this a reality please let us! 

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