VRPA Meetings

VRPA Yearly Meeting Schedule Summary

May -  VRPA Annual Meeting, Conference Comm. meeting, Summerama Comm. meeting. The VRPA Fiscal Year begins in May. Membership Renewal is due this month!

June - Maintenance Workshops & Summerama Events held

July - Executive Committee Meeting, & State Track Meet Event

August - No meetings traditionally held this month

September - Conference Committee meeting, Executive Committee meeting, NRPA Annual Conference

October - VRPA Annual Conference

November - Executive Committee meeting, Conference Committee Debriefing meeting, Performance Showcase Event

December - VRPA Quarterly Meeting, Conference Comm. Meeting, Summerama Comm. Meeting, Maintenance Workshop Comm. meeting, State Track Meet Comm. meeting

January - Executive Committee Meeting, Conference Committee meeting, Northern New England Conference

February - Conference Committee Meeting

March - VRPA Quarterly Meeting - Montpelier, Conference Comm. meeting, Conference  sub-committee meeting, CPO Course

April - Executive Committee Meeting, Conference Comm. meeting, CPSI Course

Annual & Quarterly Meetings 
VRPA Annual Meeting - May

VRPA Annual Conference - October

VRPA December Quarterly Meeting - December

VRPA Quarterly Meeting - March

VRPA Sub-Committee Meetings
Conference Committee - Monthly throughout the year

Summerama Committee Meeting - December, then as needed prior to event in June

Maintenance Workshop Committee Meeting - December, then as needed prior to event in June

State Track Meet Committee Meeting - December, then as needed prior to event in July

Performance Showcase working group - conference call in September

Meeting Notices
Notices of VRPA quarterly and annual meetings, programs, workshops and conferences, and a variety of regional and national recreation conferences and workshops, are sent to VRPA members, via email.

Membership Directory
The annual VRPA Membership Directory provides members a link to fellow professionals, agencies and commercial suppliers. The membership directory is available to all members in electronic format and hard-copy upon request, and is available exclusively to members only. The Membership Directory is updated regularly and kept current throughout the year. 

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